Ossifract’s Eye View

Coin of the Realm is a steampunk epic poem of over 70 chapters. 

I will be posting one maybe two chapters a week. There are a number of parts; the Table of Contents for the current part will be in the Table of Contents page of the blog. The chapters will appear as blog posts in the Blog page.

Coin of the Realm is set in an alt reality.

Coin of the Realm came out of the open mike at Club Bohemia aka the basement of the Cantab Lounge, which ran for over two decades before the Pandemic.

The chapters are fairly short, designed to fit into a three minute time slot of an open mike, but quite often they ran over a bit.

In the alt reality of the Coin of the Realm there are creatures and things you will recognize, but also some, such as the Ossifract, that will be new to you. I hope you will enjoy meeting them along the way.